Motor Cruiser Assisted

Rescue Vessel, Central Coast 22

Rescue Vessel, Central Coast 22

An 8.4m motor cruiser phoned Marine Rescue Central Coast for assistance around 2:00pm on Sunday 3 July 2016. The here people onboard indicated that their boat had an engine/gearbox problem. They were anchored under The Rip Bridge. Rescue vessel, Central Coast 22, with Ted Leeson and his crew, Robert M Smith and Ross Ward located the boat and despite problems caused by the strong tidal flows and extreme length of anchor line being used in the deep water under The Rip Bridge got the boat under tow. The vessel and its grateful crew were taken to the safety of its mooring in Caroline Bay.

Another crew on Central Coast 22 prevented a potential problem on Sunday when, while on a training exercise, they saw a Hire Party BBQ Boat with a large crowd onboard in the channel heading towards Lobster Beach and Broken Bay and already experiencing handling difficulties in the strong current. The Marine Rescue approached the Party Boat and advised them that they were in a ‘No Go’ area for their hire vessel. The group onboard reversed their course and the Marine Rescue kept watch until they were back to calmer and safe water.

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