Rescues at Woy Woy

Just before 3:00pm on Saturday September 24, the volunteers on duty at the Point Clare Base of Marine Rescue Central Coast received a phone call from the owner of a 4.5m runabout seeking assistance. He indicated he and his son were anchored at the entrance to Woy Woy Channel and that the boat’s motor had failed with a suspected fuel problem.

Mitch Giles was driving the Unit Rescue Water Craft (Jet Ski) in the area. He was able to determine the exact location of the runabout. This enabled Robert Smith, Ted Leeson, Peter Ashworth and Peter Fischer on rescue vessel, Central Coast 22, to proceed directly to its position and tow the disabled craft to the launching ramp at Woy Woy for retrieval. The owner expressed his relief and thanks for the prompt assistance.

Around 12:30pm on Sunday the Point Clare Base received a phone call from an Arvor 20 at Mosquito Bay with two men on board. They reported a diesel fuel blockage had stopped the engine. Ken Sharp and his crew, Peter Ashworth, Bob Knowles, Peter Fischer and Chis Hartcher aboard Central Coast 21 located the vessel and it was towed to Woy Woy Railway Bridge and passed to a tinny to enable return to its mooring.

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