Two runabouts with mechanical failures

The crew, Al Morris, Karl Leipa and Alan Mott on Marine Rescue vessel Central Coast 22 were flagged down when passing Hardy’s Bay around 10:30am on Saturday morning 20 August by two men on a 4.2m tinny. The men said their boat had a mechanical problem and asked for a tow to the boat ramp at Lions Park Woy Woy. The Marine Rescue crew were happy to oblige.

On Sunday morning at 7:30am, the duty radio operator at the Marine Rescue Base at Point Clare received a request for help from three men aboard a 4.5m runabout in the channel near Murphy’s Bay. The men reported a mechanical failure and asked for help. Jim Robertson and his crew, Paul Hanlon and Duncan Coles on Central Coast 22 were tasked to assist. They soon located the boat and it was towed safely to Gosford Boat Ramp.

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