Search for missing swimmer ends well

Just before 2:00pm on Saturday 9th December our radio operators at the Point Clare base received a call from the NSW Police Marine Area Command, they advised that there was a missing person off Shelley Beach and asked that rescue vessel Central Coast 22 (based at our Haven base) and Central Coast 21 (based at our Point Clare base) proceed to the search area.

Our radio operators quickly made contact with both vessels and asked them to proceed to Shelley Beach and commence searching for the missing person. CC22 arrived at 2:18pm and saw that a helicopter was searching the area, as well as the local Lifesavers. CC22 began searching the area while waiting for other Marine Rescue NSW assets to arrive in the area.

CC21 was around Wagstaffe when the call came through and made their way to Shelley Beach at their best possible speed. This saw them arrive at around the same time as the Water Police vessel WP400, and also the Marine Rescue Norah Head boat crew.

Once all four vessels were on scene they commenced a grid search, under the direction of the Water Police vessel.

At around 4:30pm CC21 was stood down from the search and headed back to the Point Clare base.

Then at around 5:50pm the call that everyone had been hoping for came through, the search has been cancelled and all assets stood down, as the missing person had been located safe and well ashore. CC22 headed back to the Haven base.

Both CC21 and CC22 arrived back at their respective base just after 6:00pm.

Pictured CC22, NH20, WP400 & CC21

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