Hot and Busy Weekend for Marine rescue

On Saturday 4th February rescue vessel Central Coast 22 was patrolling Brisbane Waters when they were flagged down by the skipper of a small tinny at Wagstaffe. The skipper was having some mechanical issues and requested a tow to Blackwall ramp. The tow was completed and the crew of CC22 continued their patrol and returned to base.

At around 5:45pm a PWC operator called the base to report that he was having mechanical issues and needed assistance to get from Ettalong Beach to Booker Bay Marina. Central Coast 21 was tasked to assist and were soon on their way.  When CC21 reached Ettalong Beach they soon found the PWC and attached the tow line and towed the jetski to Booker Bay Marina, arriving just after 7pm. The crew and radio operators were then able to close the base and were on their way home by 8pm.

On Sunday 5th February, in extremely hot conditions, Cottage Point 30 received a call to assist a 24ft Whittley in difficulty at Coal and Candle Creek with 2 adults and 6 children on board. The skipper advised that he needed a tow back to Lintern St wharf at Davistown. As a safety precaution the Cottage Point crew made the call to take 1 adult and all 6 children on board the rescue vessel.

Central Coast 21 was tasked to take over the tow at Little Box Head. The 6 children and 1 adult were transferred from CP30 to CC21, and the tow transferred. A very slow and hot job for our volunteers who were glad to return to the air conditioned base at Point Clare.

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