Crews Kept Busy During 40 Degree Heat

On Saturday 11th February the duty crew at Marine Rescue Central Coast were kept busy. During the morning the duty crew did some urgent maintenance work on the slip way at the Point Clare Base. Whilst the maintenance work was being carried out the radio operators received a phone call from the skipper of a 5m runabout with 2 people on board that had a flat battery and mechanical issues at Orange Grove, the skipper requested a tow to Lions Park ramp.

Rescue Vessel Central Coast 21 was tasked to assist and was soon on the way to assist with skipper Peter Alderton and Bob Knowles as his crew. Not long after the call the crew reached the vessel and commenced the tow back to Lions Park. Before CC21 reached Lions Park another call was received by our radio operators, from the skipper of a 30ft catamaran with two people on board, the vessel had become becalmed, and they had issues with the auxiliary motor.

Once the crew completed the tow to Lions Park, they headed to the catamaran that was at Blackwall and commenced the tow to Gosford. Once the tow was complete the crew made their way back to the base for some lunch, and some well-deserved down time in the comfort of the air conditioned base.

After lunch Rescue Vessel Central Coast 22 was sent on a patrol with skipper Ken Sharp and his crew Ted Leeson on board. Whilst patrolling they were flagged down at Ettalong Beach by a Personal Watercraft operator, he was having some engine difficulties and requested a tow to Saratoga. Given the weather conditions on Saturday the crew transferred the two people on board the PWC onto the rescue vessel. The tow took about an hour to complete as when towing a jet ski it’s recommended not to exceed 6 knots as any faster can ruin the PWC’s motor.

As the duty crew were getting ready to close the base on Saturday afternoon the radio operators received a radio call from Marine Rescue Hawkesbury who had been speaking with the skipper of 10.8m ex fishing trawler who had 4 people on board and was experiencing engine problems off Whale Beach.

Rescue Vessel Cottage Point 30 overheard the transmission and advised that they were the nearest vessel and now heading towards Whale Beach, they requested that a Central Coast vessel rendezvous at Little Box Head where the Central Coast crew could take over the tow.

CC21 was tasked to rendezvous and headed out at 6:15pm with Norm Smith as skipper and Ted Leeson and Bob Knowles as his crew. CC21 took over the tow just before 7pm and slowly headed to the vessels mooring at Green Point. At around 8:25pm the vessel was back on it’s mooring and the crew of CC21 were making their way back to the base. At around 9pm the hot and exhausted boat crew and radio operators were able to make their way back home.

Sunday only saw one job which was for a 24ft cruiser with 2 people on board that was having engine problems. Broken Bay 20 had started the tow from America Bay and they requested that a Central Coast vessel meet them to take the stricken cruiser to Davistown.

Central Coast 22 was tasked to assist with Ken Sharp as skipper, Norm Smith and Bob Knowles as his crew. CC22 met with BB20 behind Lion Island and took over the tow back to Davistown.



Photo: Marine Rescue Crew Bob Knowles keeping check on the towline on Central Coast 21 with the 5m runabout in tow to Lions Park.


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