Flares Firefighting and Sea survival

On Saturday 20th May our members that are on the way to obtaining their competent crew rating met at the Point Clare base for their firefighting and flare training theory and practical. This was thanks to our Deputy Unit Commander Geoff Hawes, and the Marine Rescue Newcastle Deputy Unit Commander Ian Morrow. This was a great learning experience for the members that participated.

As we had pre planned to let some flares off for the practical we had advised Brisbane Water LAC, Marine Area Command and also AMSA

The duty crew took the time to do their 6 monthly marine drills, which also included a refresher on the defibrillator and oxygen therapy use. Later in the day at around 4:45pm the duty radio operators received a call from the skipper of a Bayliner, the skipper advised that his vessel had broken down in Paddy’s channel and requested a tow to Lions Park. The duty crew were soon on their way, and returned to the Point Clare base after dark.

On Sunday the members that are progressing to their crew rating headed down to the Peninsula Leisure Centre at Woy Woy for their Sea Survival practical training.

Back at the Point Clare base the boat crews decided to go on a patrol to Broken Bay, on the way they had a look at the new channel markers between Lobster Beach and Little Box Head.


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