Give it a Brake!

On Sunday morning the Marine Rescue Central Coast radio room received a phone call from the NSW Police Marine Area Command (MAC), they advised that there was a car in the water off the Eulalia Wharf boat ramp in Davistown.


The MAC requested that the radio room transmit a ‘Securite’ to all ships as this was a navigational hazard.

it was also requested that one of the Central Coast vessels investigate the matter, and attach a marker buoy to the vehicle.

Central Coast 21 was sent with a marker buoy to investigate the car in the water, and as it so happened, the units new Rescue Water Craft (Central Coast 11) was out on patrol and they also headed towards Davistown.

Once the car entered the water it floated approximately 200m from the boat ramp and sunk down to the mud. CC21 and CC11 found the car and it was decided that the only way that they were going to be able to successfully get the marker buoy attached to the car was for the RWC operator to get into the water, dive down and attach it to the car. A chilly exercise!



When the marker buoy was successfully attached CC21 and CC11 both headed back to base and the radio room ceased their ‘Securite’ message in regards to this navigational hazard.







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