Long Reef Assist

Long Reef Assist .

Marine Rescue Central Coast received a call on Saturday afternoon from the skipper of a 4.4 metre Estuary Tracker who had mechanical problems with their outboard. He and his fishing partner were at Long Reef for an evenings fishing. Central Coast 21 was dispatched to tow them to safety at Patonga. Skipper Phil Page and his crew , Andrew McKellar, Geoff Toon and Peter Alderton undertook the long trip.

On arrival at Long Reef, both the skipper and his Fishing partner were in good spirits and were taken on board while CC21 towed the vessel. Hawkesbury 21 assisted by taking over the tow to Patonga at Broken Bay. The trip back gave the crew a great sunset view which made a slow trip much more pleasant. See pictures.

IMG_20170624_163841 IMG_20170624_163650 IMG_20170624_163627IMG_20170624_172954IMG_20170624_171816

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