Lucky escape for two boaters

On Saturday afternoon at 15:10 Hours, the Radio Room at Marine Rescue Central Coast received a call from a very upset boat owner stating that he had just collided with another vessel just north of the Rip bridge and there were persons in the water.

Skipper Ted Leeson and his crew Kevin Sullivan, Peter Alderton and trainee Geoff Toon were tasked to take Rescue Vessel Central Coast 21 to investigate and assist. They sped to the scene prepared for the worst.

On arrival, they were directed to an aluminium runabout with two men on board. The skipper advised that a fibreglass half cabin vessel had collided with them at speed and that one person had been thrown into the water and that he had a minor injury to his leg.

RMS Maritime was called in to assist and the BSO proceeded to interview the occupants while CC21 went to the fibreglass Vessel to determine the skippers condition. The skipper was physically well however was very upset and was treated for shock. The vessel had significant damage to its side. RMS Maritime BSO interviewed the skipper prior to the vessel being towed to Lions Park Ramp at Woy Woy.

The aluminium vessel was only slightly damaged and they were able to proceed home under their own power.

Luckily, all persons involved were able to return safely to their homes.

Maritime BSO speaking to skipper







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