Marine Rescue Central Coast and Marine Rescue Terrigal to amalgamate

Marine Rescue NSW has announced two of its units on the Central Coast will amalgamate, to form a new unit to serve the region’s large boating community.

Marine Rescue Central Coast at Point Clare and Marine Rescue Terrigal, which have a combined membership of almost 150 volunteers, will join forces from Monday evening.

Terrigal Base

The new unit will continue to serve the area covered by the existing two units – Brisbane Water, Broken Bay and offshore waters – with the ongoing support of the Marine Rescue Broken Bay and Cottage Point units and Broken Bay Police Marine Area Command.

Volunteers from the newly-merged unit will meet in coming weeks to elect a new Unit Commander and Deputy Unit Commander and decide on the new entity’s name.

Commissioner Stacey Tannos said the merger would ensure that MRNSW could continue to provide an effective marine emergency service in the region.

“Bringing together the members of the two units will create a stronger operation, providing more efficient use of our resources and volunteer effort and even greater coordination of our emergency response on the Coast’s busy waterways,” he said.

“It will also help share the rescue load more equitably across this region, which is one of the busiest for recreational boating in NSW.

“The Terrigal unit has struggled to build its volunteer base over recent years, with only 25 current members. These members have been required to carry a heavy operational burden, which impinges on their work, family and other commitments.

“The merger will provide the Terrigal volunteers with more support not only in terms of operational response but also training, administration and fundraising.

“The new unit will have a greater pool of trained and qualified members available to be rostered for duty at both the Point Clare and Terrigal bases.

“The Terrigal unit does not have a radio base so its members now will have more opportunities to undertake duties as marine radio operators.

“The result of the merger will be increased safety for the boating community.”

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