Old Fuel No New Problem

On Sunday the 2nd July at around 1130 the radio operators at Marine Rescue Central Coast received a call from the skipper of a 28ft Huntsman, the skipper advised he had a mechanical issue and requested assistance, he was on the Northern side of the Rip Bridge and had 3 people on board.

Central Coast 21 was tasked to assist and was soon on scene. The skipper of the Huntsman believed that old fuel (Diesel) may have caused the issue, and requested CC21 tow him to his mooring at Davistown.

CC21 completed the tow at 1240 and were heading back to the Point Clare base for their lunch when another call came through. The call came from the skipper of a 23ft wooden cruiser that reported mechanical problems, he was at Booker Bay with 2 people on board and requested a tow to Killcare.

CC21 arrived and found out that this vessel was also suspected of having mechanical issues due to old fuel (Diesel). The boat crew hooked up the towline and commenced the tow back to the skippers mooring at Killcare.

Once the vessel was back on its mooring CC21 returned to base in time for a very well earnt late lunch.IMG_9331 IMG_9330

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