Twenty four hour Courtesy and Emergency Moorings

Twenty four hour NSW Maritime courtesy moorings (pink) are scattered throughout Brisbane Water at the following sites listed below and there is also one at Terrigal Haven :

  • Hardys Bay (two) – Position #1 33.31.183S 151.21.426E;  #2 33.31.176S 151.21.457E
  • Saratoga west (one) Position 33.28.210S 151.20.495E
  • Broadwater off the Gosford Sailing Club (two) Position #1 33.26.142S 151.20.421E;  Position #2 33.26.241S 151.20.384E
  • Ettalong Beach off the Mantra Resort (one) 33.30.963S 151.20.259E
  • Davistown near Restella Avenue (one) 33.29.219S 151.21.524E

Vessels may anchor virtually anywhere within Brisbane Water with due regard to submarine cables, ferry movements, non-obstruction of navigable channels and, of course, wind direction. Visitor should be aware of the impact of both southerlies and westerlies and shelter accordingly.

The bottom is excellent holding in most places as long as you remain outside the weed-line, which ends at around three metres.

Emergency moorings (blue) are available in various locations throughout Brisbane Water and there is also one at Terrigal Haven:

  • Gosford Boat Harbour – Position 33.25.892S 151.20.229E
  • Broadwater western side off the Marine Rescue NSW Central Coast Base-Position 33.26.329S 151.20.012 E
  • Ettalong Beach – Position 33.31.087S 151.20.084E
  • Terrigal Haven – Awaiting data