Boat Drivers and PWC Licence Courses


General Boat Drivers Licence:

This is a licence for people aged 16 years and over to drive at 10 knots or more. To obtain a boat driver’s licence youmust complete a Boat Licence Knowledge test (available at most Marine Rescue Units); and undertake (3 x 1hour sessions minimum) practical training with an experienced licensed boat driver with details completed in a Log Book available from NSW Roads and Maritime Authority and available at most Marine Rescue Units. To help gain knowledge and for your safety you may wish to undertake a Boating Safety Course  at the Marine Rescue Unit.

General Young Adult Boat Drivers Licence:

This licence is for those from 12 years to under 16 years of age. A Young Adult Licensee must ; successfully complete the Boat Licence Knowledge Test (completed at the Marine Rescue Unit) and complete (3 x 1hour sessions minimum) practical training with an experienced licensed boat driver with details completed in a Log Book available from NSW Roads and Maritime Authority and at most Marine Rescue Units.

Personal Water Craft (PWC) Licence:

A special licence is required to ride a PWC, regardless of speed. To obtain a PWC Licence, or to upgrade an existing General Boat Drivers Licence to enable a PWC to be driven, you must complete a Knowledge PWC licence test (available at most Marine Rescue Units)  and successfully complete a  (available at the Marine Rescue Unit). Holders of a PWC licence may also drive recreational vessels.

Young Adult PWC Licence:

People under 16 years, holding a current Young Adult PWC Licence are permitted to operate a PWC or a recreational vessel below 10 knots, or below 20 knots if accompanied by the holder of a PWC Licence.

Commercial Qualifications:

Special qualifications are required to take charge of commercial vessels. If you want to obtain these qualifications, you will need a Record of Service book, which is available from the NSW Roads and Maritime Authority Commercial Vessels Section.

Holders of Certificates of Competency do not require a licence to operate a recreational vessel at 10 knots or more. However, they should carry their commercial qualifications. They also require a PWC Endorsement on their commercial qualifications if they drive a PWC.

How To Obtain a General Boat Drivers Licence:

Contact Marine Rescue Central Coast (or your local Marine Rescue Unit) and obtain a copy of the NSW Safe Boating Handbook and a NSW Maritime Logbook. Contact the Marine Rescue radio base at Point Clare (phone 4325 7929) and arrange to attend the  Safe Boating Course prior to undertaking the Boat Drivers License test.

General and Young Adult Licence Safety Courses are held monthly. To see course dates click here

The PWC Course and PWC Licence tests are held on demand following the General Licence Course.

  1. Each applicant for a Licence must present Proof of Identity documentation before sitting the test. (A motor drivers licence is suitable otherwise 100 point documents are required).
  2. Young Adult Licence applicants (<18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must present their Proof of Identity documentation. The Young Adult applicant must also produce an original birth certificate, or proof of age card or a current passport or other photo ID as proof age and identity.


Boat Licence and PWC Licence Courses are held the Marine Radio Base at Point Clare, in Goodaywang Reserve, end of Kurrawa Avenue Point Clare.

You may phone 4325 7929 any day between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm to make a Course Booking.

Please have your credit card ready as Boat and PWC Courses must be paid in advance at the time of booking

The General Licence Safe Boating Course commences at 0900 sharp on Saturday mornings on the specified monthly date all year. We recommended that you arrive no later than 0845 to complete the paper work involved. The PWC Workshop is held following the Safe Boating Course usually commencing about 1200 hours.


Boat Drivers Licence issue period:

A General Boat Licence or PWC Licence is available for either twelve months or three years. There are monetary savings in selecting a three year licence. All licences are issued by the NSW Roads and  Maritime Authority from a Customer Service Centre on production of a successful licence test and completed log book.

Boat Licence Fees Applicable: (effective at 28/02/2022)

General Licence and Safety Course     Total $100.00

PWC Upgrade Licence Fees

(Note a General Licence must be held or the applicant must have successfully completed the General Licence test before undertaking the PWC licence test)

Test fee   Total $50.00

Combined General Boat and PWC Licence and Safety Courses Total $150.00