Intruders at Point Clare

Last Thursday morning at around 12:15AM, three people were captured on our Video Cameras prowling around the base and TS Hawkesbury next door. They boarded both the Maritime vessel and our rescue vessel looking for something to steal. Luckily, both vessels were secure.

They also attempted to open one of the roller doors on our shed and then stole a dinghy from the rack.

Below is a video of the three outside our shed. If you recognise any of these people, please inform the police.

Last Thursday morning at around 12:15AM, three people were captured on our Video Cameras prowling around the base and TS Hawkesbury next door. They boarded both the Maritime vessel and our rescue vessel looking for something to steal. Luckily, both vessels were secure. They also attempted to open one of the roller doors on our shed and then stole a dinghy from the rack. Below is a video of the three outside our shed. If you recognise any of these people, please inform the police.

Posted by Marine Rescue Central Coast on Saturday, 21 October 2017

Rotary Donation and awards Special Day for Central Coast Unit

Rotary Donation and awards Special Day for Central Coast Unit

On Saturday 9 September, Both the state member for Gosford , Liesel Tesch and Federal Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks were at Marine Rescue Central Coast to celebrate the amalgamation of the Terrigal and Point Clare Marine rescue bases as well as present long service medals to some of our volunteers. Both stated that the work done by volunteers of Marine Rescue was greatly appreciated.

Karl Liepa was presented with a medal for 15 years of service by Federal Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks




Ron Jackson and Peter Alderton were presented with medals for 10 years of service by state member for Gosford , Liesel Tesch


The Unit Commander, Roger Palmer presented Ron Cole with an award to recognise his many years of service as Central Coast Unit’s Publicity officer. One of Rons many roles over his time with the unit



President Russell Grove of Rotary Club Woy Woy presented Commander Roger Palmer with a cheque for $20,000.00!. A fantastic donation a which will be put to good use.





Liesel Tesch also presented Commander Roger Palmer with an NSW flag on behalf of the state government.


Regional Operations Manager, Steve Raymond, Command Roger Palmer, Federal  Member, Lucy Wicks, Rotary Club of Woy Woy Sue O’Neill (Service Projects Director), Don Tee (Community Service Chair) and President Russell Grove and State Member Liesel Tesch

New Central Coast Unit continues to thrive

On Sunday 27th August the first collaborative training session for the recently amalgamated Point Clare and Terrigal Bases was held at Point Clare NSW. Newly appointed Deputy Unit Commander (DUC) Shaun Smith and other colleagues from the Haven Base joined with Coxwain Anthony Porter and John Jarvey from Point Clare for a familiarization exercise on Brisbane Water which included Bar Crossings and navigation of the very restricted channel leading to Broken Bay.



Just as they were to return to Base they received a radio message of a vessel in difficulties at the Rip Bridge. This enabled those aboard to gain further knowledge of the eastern channels of Brisbane Waters in a “hands on” exercise delivering the distressed vessel to Davistown.



This very convivial initial training session is the first of many which will be undertaken by crews of both Point Clare and The Haven to consolidate our resources and crews and thus provide a very efficient service to the boating public.



Terrigal Assist

On Friday the 28th July the Marine Rescue Central Coast radio operators received a call from Marine Rescue Norah Head. MRNH advised that a vessel that was off Terrigal had logged on with them and were requesting assistance due to an engine problem.

Rescue vessel Central Coast 22 was tasked to assist. The call out crew quickly got to the Point Clare base and got CC22 ready for the trip to Terrigal.

They left the base at around 10:15am and headed to the location of the vessel needing assistance.

At around 11:15am CC22 located the vessel approximately 1.5nm North East of Terrigal Haven, the crew quickly got the towline attached and headed into Terrigal Haven to drop the vessel off at the ramp.

The tow was completed at approximately 11:50am and the crew onboard CC22 made their way back to the Point Clare Base

The trip was slow with a maximum comfortable speed of 8 knots due to the sea state.

The crew had to make a quick pit stop at the Booker Bay Marina to refuel, and once that was complete they continued their way back to base finally arriving just before 2:00pm.



Lucky escape for two boaters

On Saturday afternoon at 15:10 Hours, the Radio Room at Marine Rescue Central Coast received a call from a very upset boat owner stating that he had just collided with another vessel just north of the Rip bridge and there were persons in the water.

Skipper Ted Leeson and his crew Kevin Sullivan, Peter Alderton and trainee Geoff Toon were tasked to take Rescue Vessel Central Coast 21 to investigate and assist. They sped to the scene prepared for the worst.

On arrival, they were directed to an aluminium runabout with two men on board. The skipper advised that a fibreglass half cabin vessel had collided with them at speed and that one person had been thrown into the water and that he had a minor injury to his leg.

RMS Maritime was called in to assist and the BSO proceeded to interview the occupants while CC21 went to the fibreglass Vessel to determine the skippers condition. The skipper was physically well however was very upset and was treated for shock. The vessel had significant damage to its side. RMS Maritime BSO interviewed the skipper prior to the vessel being towed to Lions Park Ramp at Woy Woy.

The aluminium vessel was only slightly damaged and they were able to proceed home under their own power.

Luckily, all persons involved were able to return safely to their homes.

Maritime BSO speaking to skipper







Marine Rescue Central Coast and Marine Rescue Terrigal to amalgamate

Marine Rescue NSW has announced two of its units on the Central Coast will amalgamate, to form a new unit to serve the region’s large boating community.

Marine Rescue Central Coast at Point Clare and Marine Rescue Terrigal, which have a combined membership of almost 150 volunteers, will join forces from Monday evening.

Terrigal Base

The new unit will continue to serve the area covered by the existing two units – Brisbane Water, Broken Bay and offshore waters – with the ongoing support of the Marine Rescue Broken Bay and Cottage Point units and Broken Bay Police Marine Area Command.

Volunteers from the newly-merged unit will meet in coming weeks to elect a new Unit Commander and Deputy Unit Commander and decide on the new entity’s name.

Commissioner Stacey Tannos said the merger would ensure that MRNSW could continue to provide an effective marine emergency service in the region.

“Bringing together the members of the two units will create a stronger operation, providing more efficient use of our resources and volunteer effort and even greater coordination of our emergency response on the Coast’s busy waterways,” he said.

“It will also help share the rescue load more equitably across this region, which is one of the busiest for recreational boating in NSW.

“The Terrigal unit has struggled to build its volunteer base over recent years, with only 25 current members. These members have been required to carry a heavy operational burden, which impinges on their work, family and other commitments.

“The merger will provide the Terrigal volunteers with more support not only in terms of operational response but also training, administration and fundraising.

“The new unit will have a greater pool of trained and qualified members available to be rostered for duty at both the Point Clare and Terrigal bases.

“The Terrigal unit does not have a radio base so its members now will have more opportunities to undertake duties as marine radio operators.

“The result of the merger will be increased safety for the boating community.”

Give it a Brake!

On Sunday morning the Marine Rescue Central Coast radio room received a phone call from the NSW Police Marine Area Command (MAC), they advised that there was a car in the water off the Eulalia Wharf boat ramp in Davistown.


The MAC requested that the radio room transmit a ‘Securite’ to all ships as this was a navigational hazard.

it was also requested that one of the Central Coast vessels investigate the matter, and attach a marker buoy to the vehicle.

Central Coast 21 was sent with a marker buoy to investigate the car in the water, and as it so happened, the units new Rescue Water Craft (Central Coast 11) was out on patrol and they also headed towards Davistown.

Once the car entered the water it floated approximately 200m from the boat ramp and sunk down to the mud. CC21 and CC11 found the car and it was decided that the only way that they were going to be able to successfully get the marker buoy attached to the car was for the RWC operator to get into the water, dive down and attach it to the car. A chilly exercise!



When the marker buoy was successfully attached CC21 and CC11 both headed back to base and the radio room ceased their ‘Securite’ message in regards to this navigational hazard.







Old Fuel No New Problem

This gallery contains 2 photos.

On Sunday the 2nd July at around 1130 the radio operators at Marine Rescue Central Coast received a call from the skipper of a 28ft Huntsman, the skipper advised he had a mechanical issue and requested assistance, he was on … Continue reading

Long Reef Assist

Long Reef Assist .

Marine Rescue Central Coast received a call on Saturday afternoon from the skipper of a 4.4 metre Estuary Tracker who had mechanical problems with their outboard. He and his fishing partner were at Long Reef for an evenings fishing. Central Coast 21 was dispatched to tow them to safety at Patonga. Skipper Phil Page and his crew , Andrew McKellar, Geoff Toon and Peter Alderton undertook the long trip.

On arrival at Long Reef, both the skipper and his Fishing partner were in good spirits and were taken on board while CC21 towed the vessel. Hawkesbury 21 assisted by taking over the tow to Patonga at Broken Bay. The trip back gave the crew a great sunset view which made a slow trip much more pleasant. See pictures.

IMG_20170624_163841 IMG_20170624_163650 IMG_20170624_163627IMG_20170624_172954IMG_20170624_171816

Albert Morris honored for his service by Rotary Woy Woy

Albert Morris was recently presented with a community award by Rotary Woy Woy  He was described as a quiet achiever who started with the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (now Marine Rescue) in 1989 and has continued as an active member. Below is an extract from the weekly bulletin “The Pinion” produced by the club.

“Albert became Operations Officer in 1995 and District Commander in 1996. He raised funds for the organisation and received a letter from the Prime Minister recognising his efforts. In 1999 he became Search Master. In 2006 he became the Statistics Officer for NSW. In 2016 he was awarded life membership of Marine Rescue. He also volunteers at Cove Village and for the past 20 years he has been the village bus driver In his reply, Albert said that it had been a pleasure being in Marine Rescue. He thanked our club for the help we gave with their recent radio update that had cost $65,000.

Al Morris Rotary award“Albert receiving his award from Vocational Director Bobby Redman and President Vic Deeble