27MHz Radio Familarisation Course

Navman 27Mhz radio

Central Coast unit offers a 27MHz marine radio safety course to help owners use their radio effectively following correct protocol and procedures

GME 27MHz Radio

Participants will learn about the controls on the radio and their purpose.

Participants will learn about the emergency calls, Mayday, Pan Pan and Securite, as well as when and how to use them.

Participants will learn which radio frequencies to use and when to use them to communicate with coastal base stations and other vessels

Participant will have the opportunity to use MR Central Coast’s training radio ‘closed loop system’ to enjoy practical

Uniden 27 MHz Radio

communications within the base to become familiar with the controls and radio communication procedures

You will learn how to “Log-On” and Log-off with Marine Rescue, and how to seek information on weather, tide, or assistance.

MRNSW Central Coast conducts 27Mhz marine radio familiarisation courses a several times each year.

Course Costs:

MRSS Member $35.00 Public $45.00

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