The objectives of MR Central Coast Unit include:

a) to encourage those with an interest in good seamanship and safety of life at sea to join as volunteers:

i)   to assist Marine Rescue NSW in the attainment of its objects
ii)  to assist those authorities entrusted with the administration or regulation of maritime affairs; and
iii)  to undertake as students and as teachers, training in seamanship, radio operation and related matters;

    b) to assist or cooperate with any authority concerned or entrusted with the defence of Australia;

    c) to encourage all persons interested acquire a better understanding of small ships;

    d) as intructors and example to train and educate mariners so that they may be safer in small ships;

    e) to train volunteer personnel  tocarry out maritime rescue work;

    f) to support other agencies involved in rescue or other service of a public or community nature; and

    Resources required for Operations

    To implement the roles above the Central Coast Unit must have, or have access to, the following resources:

    a) An accreditted Marine Radio Base, properly equipped, that maintains a listening watch on maritime radio frequencies as required under their ACMA licence for Marine Coast Stations.

    b) Licensed Marine Radio Operators with appropriate Marine Rescue operational training.

    c) Search and Rescue Vessels and appropriate vessels for crew training,

    Uses of the Search and Rescue Vessels

    Rescue Vessels are required for:

    • Search and Rescue operations
    • Rescue crew training
    • Crowd control/safety vessels at special events
    • Joint operations/training with other emergency service agencies

    Interagency Liaisons

    MR Central Coast liaises closely Police, especially Water Police, to provide marine search and rescue services, for which the chain of Marine Coast Stations are a vitally important element

    • NSW Maritime Authority responsible for the administration of ports and waterways;

    • State Fire and Rural Fire Authorities, both for implementation of fire fighting facilities and  environmental activities.

    Marine Rescue Headquarters liaises and interacts with many other Federal and State Authorities.