The Skipper’s Responsibilities

The skipper of a recreational vessel is wholly responsible for the safety of his/her vessel and all those on board.

If the vessel has a motor and is capable of operating at 10 knots or more then the Skipper on NSW waterways must hold a NSW Boat Driver’s Licence or its interstate equivalent.

All skippers must be aware of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

For safety they must also understand the rules that apply to the safety equipment required onboard, have a good knowledge of the navigation marks and signs provided for safe use of the waterways. To be safe at night they need to know what lights are used on boats and on navigation aids.

A Skipper must report any accident or incident involving injury or death, or any vessel or property damge in exces of $5000, a written report must be forwarded to NSW Maritime within 24 hours, unless already given to a NSW Maritime officer.

MRNSW units provide Boat Licence Safety Courses and undertake Boat Licence tests for NSW Maritime. Central Coast unit provide this course and test monthly. Click here for more details