Meteorology for Seamen

Marine Rescue Central Coast’s Meteorology for Seamen Course is based on the requirements of the Inshore and Offshore certificates of the Australian Yachting Federation (YA).

Who Should Attend?

Any person wishing to improve their boating knowledge particularly in relation to the interpretation and understanding of weather patterns.

Course Aim:

To assist those who wish to attain the YA qualifications of Inshore and Offshore Skipper.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendance at this course will enable participants to:

  • describe the types and formation of clouds.
  • recognise a tropical revolving storm and take avoiding action.
  • describe the causes of thunderstorms.
  • predict weather patterns by signs in the sky.
  • describe the instruments used in meteorology.
  • interpret a weather map.

Course Duration:

The course is conducted over a weekend at 0900 hours of Saturday. Click here to find the date of courses


Course Fees:

General Public       $65.00
MRSS Member      $55.00

Course fee includes all course notes.

General Notes:

Progressive ‘short answer’ tests are conducted throughout the course.

The final assessment is held on the last evening of the course