In Shore (Basic) Navigation

Marine Rescue’s Navigation Course is intended to assist those who wish to cruise recreational craft to obtain the necessary skills to do so.

Who should attend?

Those persons who wish to improve their knowledge and obtain the skills required to navigate a vessel safely within a waterway or on a coastal voyage.

Course Admission:

There are no prerequisites for Basic Navigation.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendance at this course will enable participants to:

  • describe the types of charts and the terms and symbols used.
  • demonstrate an understanding of horizontal and vertical sextant angles and how to plot positions..
  • demonstrate an ability to plot running fixes.
  • Resolve speed, distance and time by formulae.
  • demonstrate an ability to use basic navigation instruments.
  • predict the height of tides between high and low water.
  • demonstrate an understanding of electronic instruments used as an aid to navigation..

Course Duration:

The Basic Navigation course is conducted over a period of 8 weeks consisting of two hour theory on Thursday nights commencing at 7.00 pm and some short practical sessions on one day on a few weekends.

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Course fees:

Basic Navigation-
General Public       $110.00
MRSS Member*     $99.00

General Notes:

Progressive assessments are conducted throughout the course.

Students must supply their own drawing instruments and charts, including but not limited to a Douglas protractor, marine dividers, compass, parallel rule or roller rule, some soft lead 2B pencils, a pencil sharpener and eraser. The Naval Charts required are Aus 197, 5011. Some practice charts (5121 and 5169A) may be provided on loan.