Marine Rescue Radio Network

The marine coast station network operated by the volunteers of Marine Rescue NSW is the only 27MHz and VHF marine radio network for recreational boating on the NSW coast.

MRNSW is continually updating and renewing its infrastructure, equipment and facilities. New ‘repeaters’ have been installed in strategic locations to help improve communications to make coastal boating safer. MRNSW has also introduced an APP for ‘smart’ mobile phones that enables users to ‘log-on’ and ‘log-off’ directly to their local Marine Rescue Base from their phone.

MRNSW coastal base stations are available for:

  • ‘log-ons’ for voyage safety both inshore and offshore,
  • for emergency and other assistance,
  • for regular weather updates,
  • for advice on navigation hazards and,
  • for assistance when entering an unfamiliar port or estuary

Smart skippers use these services for the safety of their vessel, crew and family.