MRSS – Marine Radio Safety Service

A marine radio is an essential item of safety equipment on all boats. A radio on board enables fast contact with rescue services or other boats in the vicinity should assistance be required in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Smart Skippers ‘log-on’ with their local Marine Rescue unit by radio every time they leave the ramp or mooring. Skippers advise where they are going, when they expect to be back and how many people on board. If the vessel does not ‘log-off’ or make contact by the estimated time of return, Marine Rescue begins a process to locate the vessel and make sure all is well.

The Marine Radio Safety Service (MRSS) is a marine safety support network for boat owners operating on and around the waterways near the NSW Coast. Marine Rescue Central Coast operates from its marine radio bases at Point Clare on Brisbane Water, and from Terrigal Haven. There are Marine Rescue NSW radio bases all along the NSW coastline.

Membership of the MRSS is available from Central Coast Unit to all boat owners for an initial annual cost of just $45.00 then $35.00 each year. These funds are used by MR Central Coast unit to maintain its Search and Rescue services for the recreational boating community.

Being a member of MRSS helps Marine Rescue Central Coast help you.

Membership of MRSS has other benefits too.

Central Coast unit provides marine education and training on boating and related subjects such as Seamanship, Basic and Coastal Navigation, Meteorology for Seaman, and Marine Radio.

Discounted Course costs

Cost of these marine courses is reduced to financial members of MRSS. For your own safety, if you have a boat, with a marine radio transceiver installed you should be a member of the Marine Radio Safety Service. As a MRSS member your safety becomes the concern of MR Central Coast.

Personalised Call Sign

When you join you will be allocated your own radio ‘call sign’. When you go out on the water for an outing, use your radio call sign to ‘log on’ with Marine Rescue. All your boat details are pre-registered, so you simply advise the duty radio operator how many people you have onboard, where you are going and when you expect to return. These details are recorded and remain ‘active,’ until you return and ‘log off’.

If you do not log off or call in to tell us you are safe, MR Central Coast will begin a search to determine whether you need help. You can call in at any time to vary your estimated time of return. If requested, Central Coast will call your family to tell them the fish are biting and you will be staying out longer, or to pass along other important messages.

As well, you can call in at any time to obtain an update on the weather; the latest Bureau of Meteorology forecast is always at hand at the base or you may want details of tidal or other information. Marine Rescue Central Coast broadcasts weather warning information as soon as it is received by fax from the Weather Bureau.

While you are. ‘logged on’ Central Coast is on standby and ready to assist should the need arise.. Standard operational hours are 0600 to 1800 hours seven days a week. Both the Point Clare and the Terrigal Haven Bases are open for radio traffic from 0600 till 1800 daily. The unit’s rescue vessels and trained boat crews are on standby 24/7.

To obtain further information contact the Base at Point Clare (4325 7929) or download and print the MRSS membership application form. Forward it with your cheque for $45.00  Renewals occur in January annually. Send the cheque and completed form to Marine Rescue Central Coast at the address shown below.

Marine Rescue Central Coast
P O Box 6058,
West Gosford NSW 2250